Contents of The Discovery of Hypnosis: The Complete Writings of James Braid

The Discovery of Hypnosis (Amazon UK)

The Discovery of Hypnosis

The Contents of
The Discovery of Hypnosis: The Complete Writings of James Braid

“For the serious student of hypnosis, now is the time to pay or repay a visit to the writings of James Braid.” – Dr. Michael Heap

This book contains the complete writings of James Braid, the founder of hypnotherapy.  It includes many works which were previously rare and remained unpublished since his death.  It also includes the first English edition of a “lost manuscript” by Braid (On Hypnotism, 1860), written just before his death, in which he summarised his mature theory and practice of hypnotism for the French Academy of Sciences (republished from The International Journal for Clinical & Experimental Hypnosis).  Detailed prefatory essays and annotations are included to make these writings on the origins of hypnotism more accessible to the modern reader.  Dr. John Milne Bramwell’s unsurpassed essay on the life and work of Braid is included in full.  Dr. Michael Heap, one of the UK’s leading academic authorities on hypnotism has provided a foreword introducing the subject’s relevance to the modern reader.

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James Braid’s blog: 


Editor’s Preface by Donald Robertson
Foreword by Dr. Michael Heap

SECTION I: Articles on Braid

James Braid’s Life & Work
The Original Philosophy of Hypnotism
Principal Works by Braid
Glossary of Braidism
Braid’s Hypnotic Induction Technique
Braid’s Mature Theory of Hypnotism
Braid’s Theory of Suggestion
James Braid’s Work & Writings (Bramwell, 1896-1903)
Braid’s Discovery of Hypnotism (Williamson, 1896)

SECTION II: Braid’s Collected Works

On Hypnotism (1860)
The Physiology of Fascination & The Critics Criticised (1855)
Hypnotic Therapeutics (1853)
“Psycho-Physiology & the Ideo-Motor Reflex” (1853)
Magic, Witchcraft, Animal Magnetism, etc. (1852)
Lecture on Electro-Biology (1851)
Electro-Biological Phenomena Considered Physiologically & Psychologically (1851)
Observations on Trance or Human Hybernation (1850)
“On Mesmerism & Chemical Anaesthesia”: Letter (1849)
“On Esdaile & Hypnotic Anaesthetic”: Letter to The Medical Times (1847)
The Power of the Mind over the Body (1846)
“Observations on Mesmeric & Hypnotic Phenomena”: Letter to The Medical Times (1844)
“On Thomas Wakley & John Elliotson”: Letter to The Medical Times (1844)
“On Muscular Suggestion”: Braid’s Letters on Phreno-Hypnotism (1843-1844)
Neurypnology: The Rationale of Nervous Sleep (1843)
“On Neuro-Hypnotism”: Letter to The Medical Times (1842)
“The Discovery of Hypnotism”: “Satanic Agency & Mesmerism” Reviewed (1842)
“On Braid’s Hanover Square Talks”: Report & Letter in The Medical Times (1842)
Bibliography of James Braid’s Writings

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